What is LocumTree?

LocumTree is a booking platform with a dedicated app, designed as a tool for locums to manage their shifts, whether past, present or future. It allows employers to view profiles of locums who are available to work on the days they require.

How does it work?

Simply download the app from the Apple App or Google Play store, and build your profile by adding skills and accreditations. Once you are in, you are able to add both previously worked shifts and future shifts, regardless of the company the shifts are with. This allows you to keep track of payments and other shift information, all in one place. By posting availability (with the minimum rate you are willing to work for), employers are able to see your profile on these days. They can then book you by sending shift notifications direct to your device. Its as easy as that!

How much does it cost?

The LocumTree app is completely free for locums. It has been designed to help alleviate some of the admin work associated with being a locum, whilst at the same time providing a method for securing future employment.

What are the benefits to signing up?

LocumTree is the first platform that allows locums to get rewarded for their hard work, due to an innovative feedback portal. Positive feedback can be viewed by other employers, increasing the chances of future shifts. Locums can become favourited by employers, making them easier to find and contact. Private shifts can be added for any company, allowing an entire shift history to be stored in one place. Employers can choose who they want to hire based on specific skill sets or positive feedback from past shifts.

How do I get paid as a Locum?

As with most locum shifts, you will get paid directly by the employer upon completion of the shift. LocumTree takes absolutely zero commission from this. Employers will detail their specific payment policies, which you will be able to see before accepting. You will also get to see other store information, such as distance from home address, in-store computer system, staffing level, pace and more.

What if I need to cancel a shift?

We understand that emergencies happen. That’s why we will be on hand to provide help and support should you need it. Simply send us an email as soon as possible at info@locumtree.com or alternatively if it is an emergency, please give us a call on 07884917574. LocumTree aims to minimise the rate at which bookings are cancelled, for the benefit of both locums and employers. It is for that reason that we ask should you need to cancel a shift, please try to source an alternative locum. Remember, employers are able to view the profile of who they are booking, so it pays to honour booked shifts as best as possible.