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As LocumTree is a booking platform and not a locum agency, you communicate directly with the employer. There is no middleman and no commission – increasing your rates of pay.

It allows locum pharmacists to record payments, generate invoices, and post availability for future shifts with minimum defined rates. Through the use of an integrated diary, locum pharmacists receive shift offers directly to their devices, allowing them to be booked within seconds.

LocumTree Profile Creation

  • Differentiate yourself – Are you skilled in flu jab administration? EHC accredited? Unlike traditional locum agencies, employers can view your skills and accreditations before making their decision. Allow your skills to stand you out from the crowd.
  • Keep track – The LocumTree app will keep a record of all of your past shifts, and inform you when and where the next one is.
  • Accountant friendly – When it comes to the end of the financial year, simply send a history of worked shifts direct to your accountant.

How To Download & Operate The LocumTree App

Step - 1

Download The LocumTree App

This can be found in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Step - 2

Build Your Profile

This step is important as employers will be able to see which skills / accreditations you have. It pays to have more here, literally.

At this stage, you are also able to set your minimum rate. This means you will only appear as available to work if the shift the employer has posted matches the rate you have set.

Step - 3

Post your availability

If your parameters match that of the employer’s needs, they can see your profile and availability and will be able to get in contact with you.

Step - 4

Receive a notification of work via the app

Open the app to view shift details, including location, rate offered, total potential earnings and more.

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