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If you have just recently completed your pharmacist degree or course and are looking for a suitable job, you may have come across the term “locum Pharmacist” before. However, just what are locum pharmacists and what do they do? What are their responsibilities? Whether you’re just curious about your local pharmacy, or if you’re interested in becoming a locum pharmacist and are wanting to find out more information, this article by LocumTree looks to provide insight on the matter.

What is a Locum Pharmacist?

A locum pharmacist is a pharmacist employed on a contractual basis, rather than having a permanent salaried position. Working as a locum pharmacist is an ever-increasing popular career choice for pharmacy graduates.


What are the benefits of being a locum Pharmacist?

There are many benefits of being a locum pharmacist, some of these being:

  • As a locum pharmacist, you are able to set your own schedule and take on shifts that fit around the days you are wanting to work.
  • You will be able to have more control over your free time.
  • You will be able to claim expenses against taxes.
  • You will be able to  meet new and interesting people
  • You can work alongside different teams
  • You will have an opportunity to learn more about the environment of a pharmacist and the variables it holds since you will be working within more than one pharmacy with different types of standard operating procedures


What are the responsibilities of a locum Pharmacist?

A pharmacist is in charge of accurately filing drugs and pharmaceutical supplies to the people. These qualified medical professionals help patients by providing general health information about the products they offer.

Particular responsibilities can vary depending on the specific position; some of these specialists work in local environments while others operate in medical means such as hospitals. In addition to distributing medicines, treatments, and giving advice, they want to ensure medications are compatible with their customers, communicate with doctors, and oversee technicians.

Every pharmacy will work differently, from the type of drugs and doses prescribed, to the small habits and processes, you will be able to build up a knowledgeable picture of the industry with every new contract.

This profession requires a high attention-to-detail as well as great customer service and team-working skills. This is an essential point because a locum pharmacist will have to be a “responsible pharmacist” when he or she is the only person on duty. As we all know, a locum job is not permanent, but locums play the complete role of the permanent pharmacist.

There are many ways to begin your carer as a locum pharmacist, one of which involves utilising platforms and external agencies to help manage your contracts.


About Our App – LocumTree

LocumTree is the first all-in-one platform with a dedicated app, that allows locum pharmacists to build a profile and manage shifts. LocumTree is a booking platform, not a locum agency, which means there are no hidden costs. Employers have the ability to handpick their contractors, based on their requirements. Download our app today to jumpstart into a pharmacist locum career.

For further information on locum pharmacists, the tasks they fulfill, and other inquiries about our app, contact our informative team and they’ll be happy to help.

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