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Pharmacists are qualified medical professionals who are experts in medicines, including their uses, applications, effects on the human body and how they work and interact with other drugs. Pharmacists are experts in the formulation, compounding, storage and dispensing of medications. They are crucial in supporting the management of medical conditions and an integral part of patient care.

Where do Locum Pharmacists work?

As a Locum Pharmacist, you have the flexibility to choose where you do or do not want to work. There are many variables to why certain Locum Pharmacists would prefer to work in specific sectors, rather than others. Each sector of work will offer different challenges and require different methods of work for each Locum Pharmacist. You may work in a range of locations and settings, including:

  • Large, high-street retail pharmacy chains
  • Supermarket pharmacies
  • Small, independent community pharmacies
  • Hospitals (NHS or private)
  • GP surgeries
  • Primary care organisations, prisons and the military
  • Veterinary pharmacies
  • Clinics and health centres
  • Pharmaceutical production companies

Why become a Locum Pharmacist?

People choose to become Locum Pharmacists with Locum Tree for a variety of reasons. The list of benefits alines with those of a standard job role, with a few twists. But as imaginable, as a temporary worker, you may need to gain knowledge in certain areas, especially when filling roles for multiple sectors.:

  • To gain a wide range of experience
  • To try different work settings and new ways of working
  • To build up industry knowledge
  • To have flexibility and a good work/life balance
  • For variation and to keep work new and exciting
  • To experience best practice and pick up new skills
  • To network and build up industry contacts
  • To gain confidence
  • To work as many or as few days as you want

About Our App – LocumTree

LocumTree is the first all-in-one platform with a dedicated app, that allows pharmacy locums to build a profile and manage shifts. LocumTree is a booking platform, not a locum agency, which means there are no hidden costs. Employers have the ability to handpick their contractors, based on their requirements. Download our application today to jumpstart into a Locum career.

Before starting your career as a locum, do deep research about everything that has a direct/indirect relation to this job profile. So, here is a guide to help you find everything you want to know about your locum pharmacist job.

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